Sankyoku-bu Concert

So yesterday I went to the Teiki Ensōkai. I had been looking forward to it since … well basically since the previous one last November.


It was amazing. There was a repeat of the piece whose premiere I attended last year (the 50th concert), and I was privileged to see the final performance in a Sankyoku-bu concert of my o-sewa ni natta senpai M. The kimono of the 4th-years were all beautiful. Two of the pieces were moon-themed; the first of these made creative use of a disco-ball, the other a spotlight against the upper-right rear of the stage. It was beautiful.

I also ran into Other M (a lot of the members of this group have names beginning with the same letter in English) for the first time in eight months. She had graduated and moved down to the Quantow to work. I was only able to exchange a few words with her, but I was still very happy to see that she is doing well.

That morning I had had my first Santa gig of this year. It’s going to be a long December. This was undoubtedly the best possible way to start it out, though. 🙂

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