A Storm is Coming, or, Climbing Mt. Iwate

So, tomorrow is a typhoon. I’ve been in Japan in this general typhoon season at least four times so far, but never really seen anything more than the accompanying rain. Tomorrow, I’m wondering whether I’ll be able to make it to work. (>.<)

Anyway, on Sunday myself and other AJET members, as well several Interac ALTs, other members of Iwate’s foreign community, and Japanese comrades, climbed Mt. Iwate. The mountain is the largest in Iwate, and one of the largest in Tohoku. It towers over the Morioka skyline, and last time I tried it I had muscle pains for a week.

Last time, of course, I was wearing runners, jeans and a shoulder bag.

This time I bought proper hiking boots, an epic rucksack, and packed appropriately. But it was still very difficult. When I bought my boots I had a choice between 28.5 with broad width, or 29 but too tight on the edges. Apparently, my feet are about 28.7. On the way up, I stayed comfortably ahead of the other members of the self-dubbed “Slow Group”, even on a somewhat slippery and very windy 500-metre stretch (I actually deliberately stayed ahead there, since I didn’t want to interact with anyone in a way that might draw my attention away from not falling). As we neared the cabin, I got so far ahead of the rest of my group that I could no longer see them. It was the first snow. It was very cold, and with none of my companions in earshot I got a bit lonely. I sat down and waited for them to catch up.

This was not a good idea. I think sitting down in the snow almost added a nasty cold to my muscle pain.

Anyway, once the others caught up we were not far from the cabin. I sat down there. I joined about six others in deciding not to climb the cliff-face up to the summit. (Did I mention the strong winds and the snow?) The ones who came down an hour or so later apparently agreed that we were the smart ones. 😉

ashibiki no/Iwate no yama ni/noboru kana/Iwate no mine ni/hatsuyuki furite
On Mt. Iwate/that great and tall Mt. Iwate/will I climb;/on its peak/is that the first snow.

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2 Responses to A Storm is Coming, or, Climbing Mt. Iwate

  1. Maria says:

    I enjoyed to read this ,Ian;)

    I hope that I can climb Mt. Iwate someday;)

  2. Osa says:

    Just found this blog via your article that posted yesterday on IwateJET.com! I am a student at Kobe University(completely different location…lol). But since I studied abroad at University of Washington in Seattle for a year and just finished it last month, I currently live with my parents quite close at Morioka station. Hope you have great time with rich nature here!

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